February 4, 2009

This Past Weekend...

This weeks assignment for Thankful Tuesday is:

What about this past weekend made you feel thankful?

Friday night

My weekend starts when I get off work.
I had to go to the store and pick up some things for our Super Club dinner that was Saturday. I made the dessert...I know you're surprised!
It was a Brazilian Cold Coffee Cake I found here.
Sorry no pictures, it was hard enough trying to figure out how to do this yeast cake.
I'm not sure if it came out right but thankful it came out GOOD!

Mr C, me and a friend went running at a local state park.
I know I was supposed to take pictures of this too but it's hard enough to run, breath, not slide in the mud, and keep my timer on.
I'm thankful I didn't fall but am a little irriated I turned off my timer for about half a mile. I think this happened when I was blowing my nose in my shirt...it was cold and I didn't have a tissue.

I made an extra dessert for the Super Club dinner...just in case.
I made a Brazilian Nut Butterscotch Brownie I found here.
I'm thankful I found it because it was sooooo good.

The theme for the Super Club was Brazilian...if you haven't guessed that yet.
I'm so thankful I signed Mr. C and me up for this club and our neighbors can cook. Everything was wonderful!
Again sorry no pictures but me + wine ≠ pictures

I'm just thankful we could finally relax a little.
Again, no pictures...I can't take pictures of me napping.

Denise at Laughing With Spoons hosts Thankful Tuesday.

What are you Thankful for?

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