March 17, 2009

6 Tunnels to Hoover Dam...

We started the race going in the first tunnel

After the first turn around (about mile 4)

The second tunnel (about mile 6)

Running the last few miles (about mile 11)

The finish line

I plan to run a half marathon in every state...
2 down (NC and NV)
48 to go


Marlene said...

Awesome pictures! You're looking strong!

So, which state is next?

Marci said...

Way to go! I can't wait to read about your journey!

Melanie said...

Great pics! Looking forward to seeing you cross off all the states! :)

littlesack said...

You look good while running! I look like a freikin idiot---flailing and sweaty.. Maybe a marathon in each state as well (or at least in Maryland--baltimore marathon!)

Im not really sure how I decided to take the plunge. ive run two halfs and didnt die and felt like with good training I could do a full.

ps- i see you are wearing a fuel belt. How do you like it? I always run with my camel back, but i like to switch b/w gaterade and water and i cant do that with my camelback. my fear with the fuel belt is that im kinda hippy (big butt, smaller waist) and that the belt would slide up and be really high on my waist. thoughts?