March 9, 2009

Mr. C and I did our last run until the half marathon.
We tried the Hammer gel, orange

We didn't need it for our 5 mile run
but we did want to try it before the 13.1 miles

I could definately tell I had more energy and I had a pretty good pace

We also tried to run when it was about 60 degrees.

We figure that will be about the temp when we do our race

Man was it hot

We have been running in 20-50 degree weather


Melanie said...

I've tried the Hammer Gels, and noticed that I felt great and had a lot of energy too!

Black Knight said...

Be careful, ask a doctor if you drink "sweet" fluids during the runs. Some of them can raise the glycaemic curve, you feel imediately stronger but after 10/15 minutes could come a sense of weakness. However I don't know the Hammer Gels because I live in Italy.

Melissa said...

I've never tried gels before. I just had orange slices and gatorade during my half marathons, but it's definitley something I will think about when I Finally get back to running!